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The Original

est. 1991

The End


We had a blast.


We forged many wonderful bonds. ​

We encountered bumps along the way... a fire, a once in a century pandemic, a terrorist attack, some earthquakes... to name a few.

We weren't always perfect.

But we gave it our all.

So with that said....

Thank you for all your support.

Thank you for all your kindness.

Thank you for all your patience when we messed up.

And thank you especially for warming our hearts  when you walked through our doors time and time and time again.

Thank You!

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The End.heic

Dave and Jintana are torn between their lives in Santa Fe and the challenges of running restaurants in L.A. Especially in the post pandemic era. They reopen Culver with a colorful, reimagined KnD feel. But in both Culver and the Palisades they struggle to find staff up to their standards amidst a nationwide labor shortage. They reach a point where they feel they can't deliver the food and service their customers have grown to expect. They decide to close Culver. They celebrate their 30-year anniversary in the Palisades. A few days later, a Palisades local comes in for some tacos and asks Dave if he'd ever sell the Pali spot. Dave and Jintana sense the time is right, and that they would be leaving the Palisades location in good hands. Jintana and Dave stay open a few more weeks so they can hug their regulars and thank them in person for coming in time and time and time again. And they begin their trek back to Santa Fe - with plans to come back to the Palisades often to visit.


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