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for stuff we like and want to share

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$35 sm   |   $45 med   |   $55 lg

Meet Moses.   He makes our handbags.  By hand.  And with an attention to detail.  His staff are inmates in a small Oaxacan prison which helps them earn money to send home to their families.


$18 each   |   two for $30

Our napkins are made by the Ramirez Family.  They live in central Oaxaca.  They make and dye all their cotton, and weave it on looms their family has been using for many years.

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sourced and bottled by KnD

Each batch is unique - like a snowflakeEach drop is pure - meaning no additives like alcohol or sugar.  Every agave plant we use is naturally grown - meaning no fertizilers or chemicalsAnd this goes for our labels too, which are made from scratch with natural fibers, like agave disgarded after they’ve been milled

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